The WWW6 Conference Logo

WWW6 logo, animated version: 
dimensionalized green, olive, and gold Ws join at the edges in 3-D 
space to form a triangular structure.  A cardinal red number 6
is nestled among in the upright prongs of the connected
Ws, and the assembly slowly rotates, casting a variable shadow.

The logo for the Sixth International WWW Conference draws on the graphic tradition established by previous conference logos, starting with Robert Cailliau's now-classic theme of three Ws emerging from a deep forest green to a brilliant proximate white (Geneva, May 1994), and moving through Chicago's Mosaic motif (October 1994), Darmstadt's challenging treble treatment (April 1995), Boston's coastal curvature (December 1995), and most recently, Paris's architectural expansion of the original design (May 1996).

The design for the April 1997 conference in Santa Clara, California, retains traditional verdant tones in the Ws, but interprets them anew with a warm neo-Mediterrean cast reflecting the heritage of the Golden State. The dimensionality suggested by all of the previous conference logos is here given a California twist, rendered in a triangular shape which, when animated, makes the faces of all three Ws equally accessible.

WWW1 Logo (Geneva) WWW2 Logo (Chicago) WWW3 Logo (Darmstadt) WWW4 Logo (Boston) WWW5 Logo (Paris)

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